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Good Riddance, PHP

I've begun the process of extricating myself from the grotesque world of PHP for web programming. It has been a long run and, while I appreciate what PHP has provided, it's time to leave behind the web programmer's equivalent of being a "script kiddie."

URL Shortener

I've written a URL shortener. Try it out at

Navigator's Quarters (My Blog)

Point your browser at

Public Git Repository Viewer

The public Git repository browser is available via Viewgit.

Acronyms Database

You can also search my database of over fourteen thousand acronyms. It's not fancy, and there are many more acronyms to be added, but it's pretty fast.

Amortization Calculator

For a real blast from the past, you can always use my [somewhat] world-famous Amortization Calculator. What you'll see now is a slightly updated version that I wrote using PHP. The original was written in Perl (before the days of CGI handling was built-in), but it remains a simple, fast, and accurate calculator.

Constitution of the United States

Searchable, full-text version of the Constitution of the United States. I've wanted to implement something simple like this for quite some time because of how much this precious document is being trampled by corrupt, seditious, anti-American politicians at every level. Fundamentally, I wanted to be able to quickly and [hopefully] accurately search through the text in order to determine whether or not what they're doing is constitutional (or not as is the case). It still needs work (synonyms for original spellings (e.g. defence vs. defense), and I'm soliciting input.

The Federalist Papers

Searchable, full-text version of The Federalist Papers. This is part of a continuing process to provide full-text searching to the founding documents of the United States of America. As time permits, I will be adding the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation. At this point, I still need to clean-up and better present the footnotes, but it should be close to ready for prime time. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.


On and off [albeit more off than on] over the past few years, I've been developing an astronomy C library. The crown jewel (in my opinion) is the VSOP87 portion of it since it solves the equations using the complete theory which is comprised of thousands (tens of thousands in some cases) of terms for each celestial body. I decided it was time to blow-off some of the dust and start working on it again. I did so by starting to write some documentation for the entire library using Doxygen, an open-source tool designed for such a task. If you're interested in seeing what I have done so far, point your browser at and let me know what you think. I'm also trying to determine the license under which I should release the code, so I'd also appreciate any input you might have in that respect.

Web Server/Internet Service Encryption Certificates Replaced

I've replaced the original, self-signed encryption certificates with new ones (also self-signed). If you feel compelled to do so, you may download and install the new root certificate authority in whatever clients (e.g. web browsers, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry, e-mail clients, etc.) understand them.

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